Get the Steps to prepare for the IRS!!

All IRS procedures are Federal investigations of you so attorney representation is recommended. But, no matter what your problem, the only way to win against the IRS is by full & complete preparation. TaxHelp & J. David Hopkins, JD, LLM are dedicated to showing you how to prepare for this battle.

This Blog has text & video learning materials by category for reference & comment. Our main website, TaxHelpLaw.com has all the letters you may receive from the IRS as well as subject matter advice. It is available in Spanish. Our member section at TaxHelpLaw.com is specifically for taxpayers who are being audited by the IRS. Our sister website, TaxHelpReturns.com is specifically for bookkeeping, accounting and tax return preparation.

Use these websites freely but understand they can never take the place of individual attorney advice. Please contact us so we can construct an Action Plan for you!

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